Site Cité Descartes, Champs-sur-Marne (77)
Clients CA du Val Maubuée – CCI Seine et Marne
Architect BELLECOUR architectes
Engineer Y Ingénierie
Acoustic AVEL Acoustique
Landscape design Praxys
Program Incubator, Start-up, Venture Studio, Fablab
Surface area 3143 sq.m
Certification French Standard Procedure HQE – RT 2012 Tertiary Buildings
Cost M€ 7,2
Delivery 2017

The characteristic of a free standing building enables the activities on the ground floor to relate seamlessly with the outside.  The incubator stands alone as a specific element of the development, the rest of the activities on this floor are in common use.  The levitation effect, therefore, benefits the Incubator directly as the only element that really needs it.  The “moats” in the north allow the integration of the aerial parking as it slides underneath the building, providing security without detriment to the building’s aesthetics.

The highly transparent incubator contrasts with the massive mineral element opposite. As a kind of rock, anchoring the project to the ground, this element encompasses the functions common to all the activities of the building, as it sits holding the upper levels which appear to be set upon it as a vessel upon its hub.