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BELLECOUR architectes

Le Galilée / Archistorm

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Delivered in 2010, the Galilee is one of the first programs realized on the Andromeda UDZ in Toulouse, the first eco-district of Grand Sud. Designed by the Parisian Studio Bellecour, the project is organized in two office buildings, different in form but similar in the composition of their facades. Sun shading covers, in fact, surround and provide the light comfort needed to the interior spaces. Remarkable element of the building, the curved white concrete wall, provides continuity between each building and echoes the aviation context of the site.

Gironde Management Center / Le Courrier de l’Architecte

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Studio Bellecour wins Gironde Management Center project. The construction of the future headquarters of the Gironde Management Center will be along the ring road in Bordeaux-Lac. Program requirements, the constraints of the context, the appearance of the site and the desire to lead a strong image, created a proposal of the Studio Bellecour to form a monolith carved with gaps revealing a precious and cozy inside.

England / Architonic

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Galilée is one of the debut projects realized in the UDZ (Urban Development Zone) Andromede, in Blagnac, near Toulouse in France. The particular urban detail of the UDZ in Blagnac provided a unique climate for the development of a quality architectural project. (…)

Angers / Actualités Habitat

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Angers Habitat recreates a piece of the city of Grand Pigeon. The residence Le Gouz, inaugurated in November the 19th, marks the final stage of the renovation of the UDZ Grand Pigeon, one of the five districts of Angers, enrolled in a vast urban renewal program, which begun in 2004. Part of the existing housing was demolished while the urban plan has allowed the opening up of this part of the town.

Flight of offices in Toulouse-Blagnac / Le Point

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Near the tram terminus of the Andromède UDZ in Toulouse-Blagnac, a big surprise! Rotating like the Earth, the Galilée unfolds a long veil of white concrete that connects the two buildings of 12,000 squares meters of brand new offices. “The aesthetics of this helix, a real technical challenge, recalls the aeronautical context of the site, where the Airbus A380 aircraft is assembled,” said Wilfrid Bellecour, Parisian architect of the project led by Altarea Cogedim.

Wilfrid Bellecour / Le Journal des Arts

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Like an airplane without wings (…) And now in Blagnac, where the aircraft is a king, rises an office building, 80 meters long and 12 meters high, with the obvious musicality and which shape evokes not an airplane without wings, but a helix without a plane. It is known to Wilfrid Bellecour, his architect, who spent several years at Christian de Portzamparc office where he worked on the Embassy of France in Berlin and on the Luxembourg Philharmonic, widely considered as the masterpiece of Portzamparc. In Blagnac, Bellecour hands over a set of two office buildings connected by a vast veil of white concrete which, starting from the vertical, curves slowly to the horizontal in a movement of helix, thus opening a wide breakthrough visual on the Airbus building in the distance.

England / On Office

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The French town of Blagnac is probably not instantly to anyone than diehard Francophiles and plane-spotting enthusiast. Situated just outside Toulouse, its main claim to fame is being home to air craft manufacturer Airbus – the brains behind jet age behemoth the Airbus A380. (…)

Tertiary real-estate / Le Moniteur

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A volute of concrete fleet on Blagnac

All the Galilee would appear as a standard operation if a long veil of twisted concrete did not connect these two office buildings. Through this sculptural structure, the architects of Studio Bellecour reflect the requirements of urban Andromeda UDZ with a touch of originality. The building Galilee is a pioneer. These offices are one of the first achievements of the Andromède UDZ in Blagnac.

Floirac / Rive Droite

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Mésolia Habitat launched the first construction phase of an ambitious construction program on the Quais UDZ in Floirac. In the last quarter of 2010, Habitat Mésolia opened construction site Terrasses de Garonne by a first tranche of 116 apartments (out of 177), which were divided among social home ownership and rental housing. This last part was entrusted to the care shared by Mésolia and Aquitanis.

Spain / Blank

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le galilée – studio bellecour

Volumesnes Sostenibles

Ubicado en el centro aeronautico de Toulouse (Francia), le Galilée es uno de los primeros proyectos realizados en la zona de ZAC Andromède, destinado a convertirse en el centro de negocios de Blagnac. (…)

The Galilée veil / La Dépêche du Midi

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Le voile de Galilée – À côté du terminus tramway, Galilée s’élève au coeur de la ZAC Andromède. Ce double bâtiment de 11 000 m2 de bureaux recouvert d’une peau d’alu laqué bronze-doré s’ouvre comme une porte de béton blanc sur fond d’usine A380 (…).

Very contemporary by Studio Bellecour / Fuel Paper

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In response to changing labour market, demographic and lifestyle changes in general, the need to rethink urban space has become a priority of the regional communities. On the one hand, because the cities and a fortiori saturated city centres can no longer absorb new residents and on the other, because the constraints of the urban centre such as congestion and pollution affecting local residents while discouraging newcomers. Thus we have developed the development zones, so-called ZAC, in which the public authority carries out or has performed development of land and equipment. It is this type of consultation and issues related to sustainable development that created the BIA Andromeda and an office building Galileo realized by Studio Bellecour, the emblem of the architecture of high environmental quality.

Issy-les-Moulineaux green and digital / Le Point

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Although Issy-les-Moulineaux is already at the top of high-tech development, it still intends to keep one step ahead. Spread over 12 acres overlooking the capital, the operation of Fort Issy is an ambitious goal: to transform a military fort of the nineteenth century in a neighborhood of 1,500 housings combining digital services and sustainable development! Designed by the firm Architecture Studio, the project, which brings together four renowned promoters (BNP Paribas Real Estate, Bouygues Immobilier, Kaufman & Broad, Vinci), can be perceived in more than one way.

Issy-les-Moulineaux – Kick-of at the Digital Fort

By Press

After twelve years of negotiations, the Ministry of Defense gave in to the Semads, SEM of the urban community Arc de Seine, the fort of Issy-les-Moulineaux for $ 60 million. Building permits are obtained and this deadline gave the beginning of the project for 1557 units (102,250 m2 gross floor area), including 329 social rented, all designed from the perspective of sustainable development, multimedia and building management (…)

Le Daguenet / Vivre à Angers

By Press

The new image for Daguenet. Throughout the work in progress there are installed informative signs. Thus, the tower Chaptal, soon “residence Chaptal,” almost took his new look. The intersection of streets Branly, Chaptal and Coëffard will soon be completely redone. Already the parking, which currently also hosts the market, is just waiting for flowers and shrubs in the jardinières. The structural work of all the Gouz hundred and thirty-five units of Angers Habitat is nearing completion and one is already aware of the aesthetics of buildings.

Toulouse / Le Moniteur

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Two office buildings connected by a veil of white concrete. All the offices Galilee are directed by Cogedim, whose work began on the ZAC Andromeda, northwest of Toulouse area, which holds major tertiary operations in the site. The project is characterized by bold architecture distinguished by a Pyramide d’argent in the competition of the Pyramides d’or held by PFC (Federation of developers and builders).

Issy-les-Moulineaux / Le Moniteur

By Press

The old fort converted into houses – Building permits for 100,000-m2 gross floor area, to be built for the digital Fort Issy-les-Moulineaux, were filled in late June. Bouygues Real Estate is the leading real estate developer of this important transaction on a former military site, a fort of the nineteenth century. “Responsible for the ground plan and force proposals, we coordinate the project with other developers and their architects, with engineering an technical office, knowing that Architecture Studio and Atelier 2A are the chief architects of the project”, said William Capitant, program director at Bouygues Estate.