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Architect DPLG / BA University of Houston

Established in 2003

Since its creation by Wilfrid Bellecour, the agency designs and develops projects throughout France ranging from urban planning to public and private residential programs, hotels, offices and community facilities.
Based in Paris as well as in Bordeaux and Toulouse, the team works in partnership with numerous professionals (engineers, economists, acoustic engineers, landscapers and scenographers) who all share the same creative and sustainable vision.

Expertise & Research

Our approach is both eco-friendly and focused on the practical living space, our goal is creative architecture both well thought out and functional, we seek to extract, by means of simplicity, the essentials in a project, without ever losing sight of the durability and buildability of construction.

On the same theme, our agency has created a professional hub dedicated to the research of new ways of living and new methods of construction. Our Research focuses on sustainably sourced materials with an emphasis on the use of wooden material as the main structural element. As members of ADIVBois, the teams have access to symposiums, training and the latest experimentation and techniques in the field.


With the same innovative spirit, the agency has been experimenting by producing projects using digital models for more than 10 years, i.e. we have completed more than forty projects comprising Residential, Commercial and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). At Studio Bellecour we have embraced the latest technology and are equipped with fast, high capacity CPUs to support the files generated by the BIM.
While the purpose of the BIM is obviously to manage the construction, mitigating the risk associated with the loss of information becomes the cornerstone of Project Management, from its construction and throughout the whole life cycle.

Accustomed to managed operations (social housing, homes for workers, dedicated offices, etc.), the Studio Bellecour is acutely aware of the needs of the Project Manager in this area, allowing support beyond the production of the project and has been retained for ongoing involvement in several developments.
To date, Studio Bellecour has chosen to work with Autodesk solutions and is able to interact with its partners through the IFC file format.