Delivery of 84 Residential Units in Cenon

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Located alongside the transport hub “la Zac Pont Rouge,” the project comprises 84 rental apartments spread across three buildings all located around a central landscaped courtyard, the apartments will be owned and run by the social housing manager “Aquitanis.”  The buildings overlook avenue Jean-Jaurès and the place publique providing easy access to local retail, services and restaurants.

Ubisoft Competition, Bordeaux

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To support the growth of their Design Studios in Bordeaux, Ubisoft is launching a competition to design new offices able to hold a 600 strong workforce. The new 7,000 sqm building could be built in a number of different locations.  BELLECOUR studio, being invited to compete, has selected the Bassins à Flot site, as the location for their design proposal.

Delivery of Innovative start-up company center

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Cité Descartes, located in the town of Champs-sur-Marne has been designated a future laboratory of innovations in sustainable cities.  To this end the BELLECOUR studio will deliver “la Maison de l’Entreprise Innovante” on behalf of “la Communauté d’Agglomération” Paris Vallée de la Marne and the CCI Seine et Marne.

Le project is composed of an incubator, a start-up, an innovative start-up company centre as well as a Fablab. The project, as much a technical response as an architectural one to a dedicated program, implements the use of a specialist plastic roofing system revealing its function to inspire innovation.

WOODRISE 2017, the “Silva” project in the spotlight

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By hosting the Woodrise International Congress next September, Bordeaux is to become the world’s capital of medium and high-rise wood construction. At the event, exhibitions and presentations will demonstrate innovative achievements as well as valuable insight into how the key players operate in the wood industry.

The “Silva” project designed by STUDIO BELLECOUR and ART & BUILD will be in the spotlight on several occasions:

Tuesday 5th September at 6:30 pm – Evening followed by a cocktail
At the opening ceremony of the “Tram du Bois,” presentation of the project in the presence of Kaufman & Broad, Project Manager of the operation.
Maison de l’Architecture d’Aquitaine 308 Avenue Thiers 33100 Bordeaux > Tram line A – stop : Galin

Wednesday 6th September at 4:00pm
Presentation of the project to the organisation AROSHA (Regional Social Housing Union, Nouvelle-Aquitaine)
Maison du Projet de Bordeaux-Euratlantique – 74-76 rue Carle Vernet 33800 Bordeaux > Tram line A – stop : Carle Vernet

Tuesday 12th September at 2:00pm
As part of the day dedicated to architecture bringing together international experts around innovative projects, architects Wilfrid Bellecour and Steven Ware will speak during a meeting with the Belgian delegation.
Maison du Projet de Bordeaux-Euratlantique – 74-76 rue Carle Vernet 33800 Bordeaux > > Tram line A – stop : Carle Vernet

Wednesday 13th September at 10:00am
Conferences within the confines of the Woodrise congress, a time of speech by the designers of the project will be dedicated to universal and timeless material, free from the phenomena of fashion.
Palais des congrès – Avenue Jean Gabriel Domergue, 33300 Bordeaux
> Tram line C – stop : Palais des congrès

Friday 15th September from 9:00am to 12:00 noon
The technological institute FCBA will open its doors during a seismic test on the model of the “Silva” project.
FCBA – Allée de Boutaut, 33000 Bordeaux > Tram line C – stop : Place Ravezies

Exé #28 – Interview with Wilfrid Bellecour

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Exe / Entretien avec W. Bellecour

Silva / Art Build + Bellecour architects

“Designed jointly by Art & Build and the Studio Bellecour Architects, the mixed lot includes an integrated multi storey car park on which stands a 50 metre high, 18 storey, 115 unit Residential tower and a 7-storey Commercial building, a total of 69 Social Residential units in two plots with Retail units on the ground floor. Whilst independent from each other, each part of the program shares common ground with the city. Transparent, this high-rise project shows off its exoskeleton behind a curtain wall of immense frames of laminated timber”.

Focus on urban planning Bordeaux Métropole / Le Moniteur n°5867

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Towers made of wood

“Bordeaux Euratlantique wants to build 20,000 sqm (215,000 sqft) of wood-frame construction every year. The following were selected for the first two constructions with a wooden tower: the Hyperion tower by Jean-Paul Viguier for Eiffage and the Silva tower by Art & Build and Studio Bellecour for Kaufman & Broad. The companies Techniwood, IBS, Sacba, and Elioth were also involved. This 18-storey tower, will also be 50 metres high and will consist of more than 50% wood, with a giant timber primary structure…”

Studio Bellecour are invited to compete

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On 27th February, ADIVBois officially launched the contest phase to select the teams that will realize Les Immeubles à Vivre Bois. The Studio Bellecour has been invited to participate in several programs.

The winners will be announced on 12th September 2017 during Woodrise in Bordeaux.


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New year, new address … The Studio BELLECOUR is pleased to announce the opening of an additional branch office in Toulouse:

6, rue Lafon 31000 TOULOUSE

Les Echos Industry & Services

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France aims for the world record for the highest wooden residential towers

“The Mayor of Bordeaux, Alain Juppé, announced the construction, in his city, of the two highest wooden towers in the world. 50 metres tall and comprising 18 storeys, they will be built by Eiffage and Kaufman & Broad.”

The SILVA wooden tower is awarded the laureate

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of the competition

Silva tour bois bordeaux

EPA Bordeaux-Euratlantique sets the goal to build the new global reference in tall wooden construction; the ZAC Saint-Jean Belcier with two wooden towers, 50 metres tall. The first in the world! The team from Studio Bellecour and Art&Build, supported by Kaufman&Broad, was selected for lot 4.9. The design of the tower, christened SILVA, sets a benchmark as it will be built from 80% wood and equipped with a primary structure of giant timber columns.

CEA project

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Offices for the Atomic Energy Commission : demolition, reconstruction and rehabilitation of two industrial buildings from the 60s to tertiary offices, conference room, archives…

China – International Office Building – Modernity + Creation

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Galilée is one of the debut projects realized in the UDZ (Urban Development Zone) Andromède, in Blagnac, near Toulouse in France. The particular urban details of this UDZ in Blagnac provided a unique climate for the development of a quality architectural project. The aesthetic of Galilée results from a combination of an interpretation of these urban rules, the immediate aeronautical context, and from the environmental requirements given in the specifications of the UDZ.

Le Galilée / Archistorm

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For Bellecour Wilfrid, sustainable development has to be integrated into the overall design of the building. On Andromède UDZ, near the airport Blagnc, Galilée shows that the norms a priori suffered can be the driving force for architectural design.

China – SURMOUNT Style + Copy

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Social Housing in Angers, France

The project sets within a mission of movement and punctuation. With this framework, a typological approach seeks to combine the urban scale of the street with its surrounding area. The project maintains the necessary “boundaries” between the building and the street while taking into account the area’s density. The result produces an intimate residential atmosphere while maintaining the autonomy of the individual units, which break away from the standard “concrete block” and its the negative stereotyping.

Office building« Le Galilée » / Construction Moderne

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Unifying and plastic, office building “The Galilee” is one of the first programs made in the Andromede UDZ in Blagnac. The aesthetics of the project results directly from the interpretation of the urban rules, the airport context and requirements HQE data in the specification of the UDZ. The building is organized in two parallel separate buildings connected by a long veil of white concrete which, starting from the vertical, curves slowly to the horizontal in a large movement of helix. This veil provides continuity between the two buildings while allowing to discover the landscape back to its depth.

UDZ Lénine – Lot C in Gentilly / Le Courrier de l’Architecte

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81 residential units signed by Studio Bellecour. Extensive operation led by Eiffage Development, the program of Lenin UDZ in Gentilly, presents approximately 550 free and social homes, including housings for students and researchers, a gymnasium and associated offices, available in five architectural competitions. Focus on project Eiffage Real Estate/Opaly, architect Studio Bellecour.

China – Office Building Now

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Le Galilée.

The plan is centered on two distinct buildings which are connected by a long white concrete veil. The veil, the primary feature of the overall plan, blends vertical and horizontal motions as it slowly curves in a helical movement. (…)

Works start

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Execution in Floirac – Quais UDZ
Operation of 116 residential units
(57 rental social housings, 30 to buy and 29 to buy off plan)
Qualitel certification, Effinergie low consumption building option

China / IN GREEN ! – Public Architecture

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Galilee in France. Galilée is one of the debut projects realised in the UDZ (Urban Development Zone) Andromède, in Blagnac, near Toulouse in France. The particular urban details of this UDZ in Blagnac provided a unique climate for development of a quality architectural project. (…)

England / Archdaily

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by Andrew Rosenberg.

The projects sets within a mission of movement and punctuation. With this framework, a typological approach seeks to combine the urban scale of street with its surrounding area. (…)

Le Galilée / Archistorm

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Delivered in 2010, the Galilee is one of the first programs realized on the Andromeda UDZ in Toulouse, the first eco-district of Grand Sud. Designed by the Parisian Studio Bellecour, the project is organized in two office buildings, different in form but similar in the composition of their facades. Sun shading covers, in fact, surround and provide the light comfort needed to the interior spaces. Remarkable element of the building, the curved white concrete wall, provides continuity between each building and echoes the aviation context of the site.

Gironde Management Center / Le Courrier de l’Architecte

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Studio Bellecour wins Gironde Management Center project. The construction of the future headquarters of the Gironde Management Center will be along the ring road in Bordeaux-Lac. Program requirements, the constraints of the context, the appearance of the site and the desire to lead a strong image, created a proposal of the Studio Bellecour to form a monolith carved with gaps revealing a precious and cozy inside.

England / Architonic

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Galilée is one of the debut projects realized in the UDZ (Urban Development Zone) Andromede, in Blagnac, near Toulouse in France. The particular urban detail of the UDZ in Blagnac provided a unique climate for the development of a quality architectural project. (…)

Angers / Actualités Habitat

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Angers Habitat recreates a piece of the city of Grand Pigeon. The residence Le Gouz, inaugurated in November the 19th, marks the final stage of the renovation of the UDZ Grand Pigeon, one of the five districts of Angers, enrolled in a vast urban renewal program, which begun in 2004. Part of the existing housing was demolished while the urban plan has allowed the opening up of this part of the town.

Flight of offices in Toulouse-Blagnac / Le Point

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Near the tram terminus of the Andromède UDZ in Toulouse-Blagnac, a big surprise! Rotating like the Earth, the Galilée unfolds a long veil of white concrete that connects the two buildings of 12,000 squares meters of brand new offices. “The aesthetics of this helix, a real technical challenge, recalls the aeronautical context of the site, where the Airbus A380 aircraft is assembled,” said Wilfrid Bellecour, Parisian architect of the project led by Altarea Cogedim.

Wilfrid Bellecour / Le Journal des Arts

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Like an airplane without wings (…) And now in Blagnac, where the aircraft is a king, rises an office building, 80 meters long and 12 meters high, with the obvious musicality and which shape evokes not an airplane without wings, but a helix without a plane. It is known to Wilfrid Bellecour, his architect, who spent several years at Christian de Portzamparc office where he worked on the Embassy of France in Berlin and on the Luxembourg Philharmonic, widely considered as the masterpiece of Portzamparc. In Blagnac, Bellecour hands over a set of two office buildings connected by a vast veil of white concrete which, starting from the vertical, curves slowly to the horizontal in a movement of helix, thus opening a wide breakthrough visual on the Airbus building in the distance.

England / On Office

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The French town of Blagnac is probably not instantly to anyone than diehard Francophiles and plane-spotting enthusiast. Situated just outside Toulouse, its main claim to fame is being home to air craft manufacturer Airbus – the brains behind jet age behemoth the Airbus A380. (…)